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Rat Callsigns

The Rats have several call signs. Here’s a quick rundown.

We started off with M0HRF (randomly allocated by Ofcom) and used that in our early days. You may still hear it on the bands today. 

We added M0VUC as a back-up in case we ever needed to have two stations on the air. This call sign has now been retired.

A couple of years ago we obtained the short contest call G2D. If the rules allow that is the call we’ll use in contests. 

We had been looking for a call sign relating to our name without success until late last year, following some excellent work by Carl ICR, we obtained G3RAT.  That call is what we will base our future identity on. Any Rat can use it in a  contest, it stands out on both voice and morse, and you’ll be hearing it more and more on the bands.