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Rats in Action!

This post will be regularly updated with new Rat videos showing what we get up to in weekend contests.

First up is National Field Day 2018 from Walbury Hill G/SE-001 – a very hot weekend. 
NFD 2018 Walbury Hill  
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In contrast here are the Rats in action battling Storm Freya in the 2019 March 2m/70cm contest from Lydd Kent. Mud, rain and collapsing masts. 
March 2019 2m/70cm Contest Lydd England  
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Now we have a contest where the weather was perfect and the set-up and take-down immaculate! NFD 2019 Lydd Kent. 
NFD July 2019 Contest Lydd England 
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Finally within 7-10 days to go before peak C19 infection in the UK your hardy Rats took on Covid and some very wet conditions. And won the March 2/70 contest from Lydd Kent.
March 2020 2m/70cm Contest Lydd England 
YouTube Video 

Many thanks to Sat Rat Dave for the hundreds of hours of work put into producing these videos (and others). Cheers M0SAT!